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Understanding the Basics of Hybrid Events

Hybrid events seems to be the ‘buzz’ phrase of 2020, but what exactly are they? As the name suggests, they’re a mix between a live event and a virtual event. For example, a product launch might be held at a venue, with the innovators leading the session and a (socially distanced) live audience also in… Read more »


How To Make Your Event More Green

Making your event more green and caring about the environment is something on everyone’s minds at the moment – and for great reason, David Attenborough won all our hearts over in Blue Planet. But it can feel like a bit of a daunting challenge to always be sustainable, especially if you are organising a big event… Read more »


Office Christmas Party Planning: The Ultimate Checklist

It may only be August, but it is time to mention the C word. No, not that one…Christmas and more importantly the office Christmas party. Whilst it might feel like a long way off at the moment, the secret to organising a function worth remembering is to get planning and booking early. After all, a… Read more »


Planning the Perfect Corporate Away Day

Utter the word ‘corporate away day’ to an employee and 9 times out of 10 you are met with a groan as they think back to the time Gary from Accounts overshared during a problem-solving task. However, the real point of an away day is to provide the opportunity for individuals to bond on a… Read more »


Maximise Event Attendance in 5 Simple Ways

A couple of months ago we looked at some thought starters around how to maximise event attendance, discussing the need for market strategy, social engagement and appropriate partners. We fully understand the importance of having the right people attend your event and so wanted to share 5 quick and easy tips which you can implement… Read more »


Top Tips on How to Be a Successful Event Planner

Successful planning of an event can be a stressful experience, with multiple things to think about, including guests, styling and food. To ensure your event runs smoothly and causes as little stress as possible, we have pulled together five key traits that make a good event planner. 1. Always prepared and planning ahead The best… Read more »


5 tips to spice up your awards night

Award ceremonies are about boosting moral and congratulating individuals for their hard work. Gone are the days of monotonous speeches, disinterested applause and bad jokes, as we look to share some great tips to spice up your event and hold a night worth remembering, just like Everyone Active’s Award night at Porchester Hall. 1. Location,… Read more »


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