Maximise Event Attendance in 5 Simple Ways

A couple of months ago we looked at some thought starters around how to maximise event attendance, discussing the need for market strategy, social engagement and appropriate partners. We fully understand the importance of having the right people attend your event and so wanted to share 5 quick and easy tips which you can implement from the offset to ensure a successful night with all the individuals you want to share the experience with.

1. Create a great agenda

Capture people’s attention early on, it is important to plan your event so that it looks appealing to guests. Try focusing on a single theme as to not overwhelm attendees, but also try to balance this with enough variety to maintain interest. If people read your event details and sound interested in the content and plans for the night, they are more likely to consider coming. Could you even invite a guest speaker to add even more appeal?

2. Time management

We all lead busy lives and sometimes people genuinely don’t have enough time to fit an event in no matter how much they want to come. By giving a clear structure on timings for the day and making the event run as time efficiently as possible, it is more likely that people will be able to attend. One thing to remember is that individuals often make their own social plans on Friday and Saturday nights, so think about a weekday after work as a potential date to maximise guest acceptance.

3. Location

When planning your event, be sensitive to where the majority of your guests live or work and base your choice of location around this. By selecting a venue which is accessible by public transport, guests are more likely to be able to make it without too much hassle. Everyone Events have a wide variety of locations around the country so no matter where you are, you’re sure to find somewhere appropriate.

4. Guest List

It is important to know your audience and to not spend too much time inviting people who you know won’t attend. The idea of an event is to bring together a selection of people who will be conducive to good conversations and will enjoy each other’s company, not simply to fill chairs. Keep your lists targeted, which will in turn mean RSVP rates are higher and the level of engagement on the day is better.

5. Save the Date

Finally, the key to achieving high attendance is through inviting people early and following up. Think about sending out an email ‘Save The Date’ to create excitement around the event and then share the official invite which provides more details nearer the time. You can do this through paper invites, but with the level of technology we have in our lives now, emails or social media invites can be easier and more appropriate.

Whatever the event you are planning, Everyone Events is on hand to help you put on the best function. From invitation designers to online guest lists, Every Events can advise you of the best services available.

For more information on our recommended venue spaces or to enquire about availability and rates, check out the details on the Everyone Events website.

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