5 tips to spice up your awards night

Award ceremonies are about boosting moral and congratulating individuals for their hard work. Gone are the days of monotonous speeches, disinterested applause and bad jokes, as we look to share some great tips to spice up your event and hold a night worth remembering, just like Everyone Active’s Award night at Porchester Hall.

1. Location, location, location

When hosting an award ceremony, it is often tempting to choose a location which won’t break the bank, but this doesn’t mean it is worth sacrificing on quality and simply holding it at the office. Try a spacious hall – Everyone Events has a great selection in its portfolio! – as people are more likely to get out of their work mindset, loosen up a little and concentrate on the event – especially when there are sporting activity facilities in the room next door!

2. Be creative

Just because it is a corporate event, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t branch out and go with somefun themed ideas. Get people happy and in the spirit of things by decking out the room with brightly coloured decorations, such as balloons, confetti and posters. Printing large team photos is always a good way to rally everyone and fill the room with a feeling of comradery and taking photos of everyone together on the night gives you something to remember the evening by.

3. Prizes

As nice as a certificate is, we all know it goes straight in a filing cabinet, if not the bin. To make the prizes more meaningful, consider presenting a real trophy or medal which people can then proudly showcase on their desks at work. If you want to go one step further, perhaps personalising each prize or buying something you know the winner likes is a nice idea, as this will help them to feel even more valued and appreciated.

4. The element of surprise

There is no real reason why each awards night should consist of everyone sitting and clapping one award after the other. Think about inexpensive ways to get people’s attention, using streamers, confetti, loud music, videos and lighting techniques to add an extra bit of excitement and keep people on their toes.

5. Have a sense of humour

An award night doesn’t need to be too serious as we all appreciate a good laugh every so often. Think about choosing a host who is engaging and entertaining and can get everyone having a good time. You can also look to present ‘fun’ awards and if you’re feeling confident, maybe rip into some of the bosses (in a light hearted, appropriate manner of course!).

Whatever the event you are planning, Everyone Events is on hand to help you put on the best function. From caterers to event spaces and trophy suppliers, the team are on hand to make your award night a real success.

For more information on our recommended venue spaces or to enquire about availability and rates, check out the details on the Everyone Events website.

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