Attract a crowd: three ways to maximise event attendance

If you’re an event planner, you’re probably a detail-oriented person. You likely look at a space and think about the energy, the ambiance, the colour schemes, the chair covers. After all, these are the details that make an event memorable. Once the date is set and the venue is booked, you need to get people to show up! Don’t be worried as we’re here to help. Check out our top tips for marketing your event….

“It’s not what you know….”

It is crucial to get the right people through the door at your event, therefore it pays to understand your audience. Audience segmentation is not a new concept but it is crucial in ensuring your marketing strategy can be more targeted. A good starting point is email communications. Begin compiling your list of interested parties as early as possible and to truly make the most of this communication channel, do a “sideways sales letter”. Made famous by product launch expert Jeff Walker, it is a great strategy to get people to your event by teasing your audience with elements of what they can expect at the event over three-four pre-event emails before swooping in with your final “offer” email.

What about the actual email itself? As with most things, timing is everything. Test communication with your audience on different days and at various times and monitor your open and click through rates. Take time in considering your subject line; studies show lukewarm emotional content just doesn’t cut it therefore choose titles that inspire awe, anger or anxiety such as “5 things you’ll miss if you aren’t at this event”.

Finally, a guest list can be bolstered by having the latest influencers present. Use Twitter advanced search to find people who are interested in your topic and live nearby or search a relevant hashtag on Instagram. What happens next depends on your budget but there are numerous ways to involve influencers from merely offering them a complimentary pass to asking them to speak at your event. If your budget can’t stretch to paying influencers then it’s time to get creative and leverage what resources you do have.

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If you don’t check in on Facebook and tag all your friends on your Insta story, did it even happen? An event is a social occasion so of course social media should play a pivotal role. Creating a hashtag for your event is simple yet can enhance social buzz, increase participation and even boost attendance. Once created, use it EVERYWHERE. When attendees register, suggest they share it on their social platforms. Equally, create a unique promotion code for any affiliate partners to use on their social networks and you spread your net even wider. It will provide insights such as what social channels got you most traction and other valuable data that can help drive your marketing strategy moving forward and we all know that knowledge is power.

Equally, whilst considering your attendees, it is also important to consider those who were unable to attend for whatever reason. For example, using Instagram Livestream for interesting presentations or unmissable performances further enhances your reach and again allows interaction between you, the organiser, and your audience.

“Teamwork makes the dream work…”

They say there is strength in numbers and this is no different in event planning where it is necessary to call on the expertise of numerous different suppliers and brands to make your event stand out. Suppliers quite often have access to resources that could prove invaluable to your current event. Partnering with the right brands can help with everything from ticket sales to building awareness which can elevate your event to the next level. When choosing a partner, it is worth considering their audience alignment, what are their values and goals as well as ensuring parameters are in place for each parties’ commitment. Beware of the vanity partner who is good in name only but doesn’t keep up their end of the bargain.

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