Latest Government Announcement: From 15th December, Government guidelines stipulate we are legally required to scan and check the COVID status of colleagues and customers. We ask that visitors/attendees have their pass ready and available for scanning as you arrive to the event. If a NHS COVID Pass is not present, entry to the building will be denied. Wearing a face mask is also required at entertainment venues and sports stadiums unless you are exempt.

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Whether you’re planning your dream wedding, organising a corporate event, putting on an enormous party or a sporting event, we’ve got the perfect venue for you.

From opulent, art deco, central London halls to spacious sporting arenas, golf courses, specialist party venues, leafy outdoor parks and everything in-between, we have a unique portfolio of locations all over England.

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Our vast and growing portfolio across London and England means we have the right event venue for you, whatever your location and event. While each venue has its own unique charms, all come with attentive staff, competitive rates and outstanding amenities.

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