Spring Into Your Perfect Wedding This Season

As the spring season has finally sprung, we’ve been inspired by the blooming blossom trees and fresh turn of daffodils to talk about the impossibly romantic spring wedding trend. With plenty of charm and dreamy atmosphere, the season is just perfect for weddings. At Everyone Events, we host many stunning springtime weddings every year across many venues in our portfolio. Not only do we work with some of the industry’s best suppliers, we also pride ourselves on knowing exactly what will make a bride and groom’s wedding dreams come true!

So, if you’re in the mood to be inspired for your special day, you’ve come to the right place! This week, we asked one of our listed catering companies Seasoned, what exactly makes a spring wedding so sought after.

The first question on our lips is of course, what really makes a spring wedding so special?

“We all know we can’t really rely on the weather in England, sometimes summers can be a wash out, with rain coming in whenever it is least expected! At Seasoned we believe people pick spring weddings as there’s a relatively good chance the weather will be agreeable and there is always such a colourful selection of flowers and designs from spring which inspire the bride and groom and which organisers can incorporate into the day.”

Incorporating an entire season into one single day, that sounds like a daunting task! How do event companies help the bride and groom do this?

“This is exactly the sort of thing that event organisers thrive on! They get to paint a blank canvas with the happy couple and there’s so many different aspects they can choose to be inspired by the season – the colour schemes, flower choices, table designs, wedding dress and of course – our favourite bit – the menu!”

Ah, now we’re onto the good stuff! Food is such an important part of a wedding, what would you say is the most important part about the menu for a spring time wedding menu?

“At Seasoned we always believe that if you stick with seasonal ingredients, the dishes will be truly delicious, that’s our ethos and there are so many beautiful spring ingredients that are great on wedding menus. Lamb is fantastic, new potatoes are coming in and asparagus comes into season a little later too. There are also many ways to reflect the personality and style of a spring wedding through food, the presentation of the dishes can be hugely influential in this – for example, whether served in rustic wooden bowls and boards or on finest bone china, it will reflect the feeling of the day.”

And finally, what would your best advice be to an engaged couple planning their perfect spring wedding?

“Let the experts guide you and suggest what would work for what you are trying to achieve. The caterers have done this many times and know the things to look out for and how to make the day go super smoothly. Also, be selfish about what you want for the day on the menu – it’s your day and the menu should reflect you, so don’t worry too much about other people!”

From the stunning art deco stylings of Porchester Hall, to the gorgeous green surroundings of the Downshire Golf Complex, or the cavernous Byron Hall with room for 1,800 guests, Everyone Active has a whole host of venues available to hire for the a stunning wedding in a prime location.

Thank you to Seasoned for answering our Spring Wedding questions, if you’re inspired to book a spring wedding and for more information on Seasoned and other Everyone Events suppliers and venues, please visit www.everyoneevents.com/

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