If you’re ‘appy and you know it: the apps that get the job done

It is for good reason that event coordinator has appeared on Forbes list of ‘most stressful jobs’ not once but two years in a row. It can quite often feel as if the ten plates you are spinning might come crashing down on your head at any time, but, the thrill of a successful event keeps you coming back for more. However, thanks to the technologically advanced world we now live in there are numerous apps and pieces of software that can assist. We have compiled a list of our five favourites, you can thank us later.

There’s no ‘I’ in team which Asana knows better than anyone else! Their software helps you to manage your numerous projects and assign tasks to different team members to help spread the workload. The software allows you to map out every step of a project, keep track of who’s doing what, view deadlines in a calendar and is integrated with over 100 platforms including Dropbox and Evernote allowing you to see everything in one place. The basic version is free while premium will set you back £7.99 per member per month. It is favoured by the likes of NASA and Red Bull. Well, if it is good enough to plan a mission to the moon…

It’s not enough to just plan an event these days, your presence on social media also requires careful consideration and planning. In steps Hootsuite. Although not a new app, if it ain’t broke, why fix it. Hootsuite allows you to schedule, manage and report on your social media content with ease. Save valuable time and man power by scheduling posts ahead of time as well as storing pre-approved content for any additional ad-hoc posts ensuring you stay on message. There are various plans available and in testament to its ability, it is used by more than 800 of Fortune 1000 high revenue companies including Visa.

Budgets can sometimes be tight when organising an event so it can quite often be a case of “every little helps.” Step up HeyTell. This handy little app allows you to talk to your crew as you would with a walkie-talkie meaning that’s one less thing off the list to budget for. Over and out.

With inevitable stress in the run up to the event, it can be easy to sit back and breathe a sigh of relief on the day itself. However, engagement with your audience on the day is crucial in calculating the ROI on your event and all the blood, sweat and tears that has gone into it. Glisser has many features that allow for maximum user engagement which translates to happier, more engaged audience members. From live polls to digital note taking which enables presenters to share slides directly to the audience’s mobile devices, they really have thought of everything.

At first glance Color Hunter doesn’t look like much but it is a really handy colour tool. If you can’t quite decide between forest green or olive green, let Color Hunter do the leg work for you. Enter an image you like and it will create a colour palette from your chosen image. Voila, instant colour theme!

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