Five money savvy ways for your event not to cost the Earth

We all want our event to be the talk of the town and it is easy to think that the only possible solution to make this a reality is to spend loads of money. But what would happen if there was a way to keep budgets down and still put on a real show? Below are five key secrets to help you do just that!

1. Marketing your event

With everyone who’s anyone now on social media, paid marketing is becoming somewhat redundant as you can quite easily spread the word far and wide through the likes of Facebook and Instagram. The most efficient way to do this includes creating a Facebook event page, inviting your friends and guests to join and encouraging them to share with others who might want to attend. It might also be a nice idea to big up the event through a competition on your Instagram page, calling on your followers to tag their friends to be in with a chance to win a free ticket to attend. This way you are utilising your network to the best of its ability to share the news and all for free!

2. Printing

Often overlooked, printing and stocking up on paper and ink can sometimes be a bigger expense than originally accounted for. In order to avoid these unnecessary costs, think about ways to utilise modern technology and limit paper waste. For example, sharing e-invites instead of paper ones, using a tablet to check in attendees rather than printing formal guest lists and screening visual projectors to promote the brand around the venue rather than using printed images and boards. Not only will this save you money, but also time as there is no ‘printing time’ required (as well as doing your part to save the environment).

3. Catering

Putting on a dinner worth talking about can often make you think the only option is to get the latest Michelin Star restaurant involved, but this really isn’t the case. Try speaking to small caterers, home bakeries, local butchers etc. to provide supplies, offering them the opportunity to showcase their products and services on a large stage at a cost that won’t break the bank for you. For added exposure, you can even look to give away goody bags of their products, with leaflets promoting the companies contributing. It’s a win-win situation for both you and them.

4. Industry Speakers

Getting the biggest and brightest names down to speak at your event can come at a notable cost to the management. Whilst having the latest panellists in the industry at your event is important to providing a quality service, these don’t always have to be provided from those with ‘celeb’ status. Think about getting in touch with more local experts – university professors, podcasters or social influencers. You can even offer them a plus one to the event to entice them down and revel in the thought provoking, bespoke conversations that come about.

5. Goody Bags

Take home pens and USBs are a thing of the past and often you end up spending far more on these than you will ever see a return on. Instead of personalised presents, think about offering some sort of ‘perfect photo opportunity’ during the event, encouraging guests to post about their time on social, tagging you for extra exposure. That way, you will take pride of place on their social feed, keeping you on their mind – as well as their followers – as they can’t flick through their profile without reminding themselves about the amazing fun they had that evening. That’s a take home gift worth [not] paying for.

Whatever the occasion, Everyone Events is on hand to help you put on the best event, without racking up the costs. From sharing up and coming suppliers, to offering potential industry spokespeople, the team are on hand to make your event a real success.

For more information on the top venues for hosting events or to enquire about availability and rates, check out the details on the Everyone Events website.

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